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Deverse Summer Apps Program

for learning mobile app development

See the recap of the final presentation here, broadcasted on August 3rd at 6pm Eastern time

In this program, participants learned everything about making apps for a nonprofit, adding new skills to their toobox and value to the world! Working with a team of peers and our experienced mobile developers, they helped make an impact on a local community.


Participants will be taught everything necessary to develop mobile smartphone applications for Android. Learn new skills to enhance your careers like needs analysis, client engagement, and quality assurance.


The apps developed during this program is going to a real nonprofit. Empower yourself to learn skills while making a positive impact in the world around you.


Engage in fun events around Boston. Get to know your like-minded teammates and makes friendships that last! Be open to trying new things and epxloring Boston more, whether you are a regular on the streets of Boston or not.

Needs Analysis
Learn what the client really needs
Wireframing & UX
How best to solve the client's problem
Developing wireframes into works of art
Turning it all into a reality


The program runs from July 6th (Monday) to August 3rd (Monday), 2015. There will be a combination of in-person meetings as well as remote, online communications and helping hours. Meetings will take place aech week on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-8pm at 143 Bay State Road, the Buzz Lab. Participants can expect to spend ten hours a week during the program, or more if they become really involved! There will be other fun social events on the weekends.

Week # Monday Wednesday Thursday
  • History of Deverse
  • Client Presentation
  • Brainstorm User Stories
  • Wireframe Workshop
  • User Stories into Wireframes
  • MVC Framework Review
  • Activities & Views Android workshop
  • EditTexts & Buttons Android workshop
  • ListViews & Rows Android workshop
  • Team work time
  • Intents Android workshop
  • Team work time
  • Bonus Android workshop
  • Team work time
  • Team work time
  • Bug Hunt
  • Presentation Practice
  • Client Presentation
  • End of Program social event
Participants gain all the skills necessary for team-based mobile development and working with real clients. Students from a wide range of background from different universities have joined this program to make a difference!
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